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Who We Are

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Erik Kaplan has been in the credit industry for over 10 years and is dedicated to helping people make impactful changes to their financial health. Too often he would see clients missing payments or paying late and it would significantly impact their credit score. In many instances, it was not that people didn’t have the funds to pay their bills, they just didn’t do it in time or at all.

Erik wanted to find a solution that would prevent people from ever being 30-day delinquent again.

Dudatez (pronounced do͞o-dāts) is a mobile app that Erik and his team created to ensure you never have to worry about missing a payment again. No late payments on your credit will help you keep your credit score healthy, and positively affect your ability to obtain home loans, cars and credit cards. This app also allows you to utilize our Ask an Expert feature, which gives you immediate access to have your questions answered by a THD Credit specialist.

Noteworthy Features

Never get a 30 day late notice on your credit report.

No more late payment fees.

No More negative marks on your credit report.

Ask an Expert! Immediate access to have your questions answered!

Easy access to all your bank accounts in one single view.

View all your bills with due dates in one single view.

Set up your own reminders to pay your bills.

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